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What We Do @ Scott Vinnicombe PhotographyScott Vinnicombe - Image

I’m Scott and I’m a photographer based in the Melbourne Area….Welcome to my Website

My main passions are PortraitsPets and Event photography but I don’t really  like to limit  myself, I cover many other area of photography styles, head on over to my blog, On The Road With Scotty to check out my other projects.

I love to challenge myself in many different areas of photography.
Starting with an old 35mm Ziess-Nikon, moving to one of the first Kodak digital  Cameras, and  now Canon.

The photos I take must have an emotional connection with the viewer.
The mission, for me, is to tell a story,even if with just one photo.

In these pages you will find the style I have developed over the years.
I invite you to come along to share this journey with me.

If you are looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you to find out if we’d be the right fit for one another.
Contact me for a “One on One” discussion to discover your passion.